I got the free update on my computer for windows 10 a month or so ago. I really like it for the most part, in fact I am thinking about getting a touch screen monitor to take full advantage of the features that really help /trouble installing the kb3116869 update for windows 10. I keep putting it on my computer and every time I install the update it restarts on boot and says updates failed. I have tried about half a dozen times and frankly it is getting to be very annoying since I am going about it the way that I am supposed to, but that is not yielding the desired result. In fact I only know a little about how to fix a computer. I know all that I really need to know to use one, but if it breaks down there is only so much that I know how to do about it. In this case I am pretty sure that the problem has little to do with me or my computer, but is something that is flawed about the cumulative update that I am trying to install. If that is the case, then there really is not a whole lot that I am going to be able to do about obviously. You can fix something that is wrong with your computer, but if the thing that you want to install is messed up, then that is a problem which I am not equipped to deal with. Obviously Microsoft should be able to fix the update, otherwise they are really failing at what they claim to be great at. This is what they are making their billions at and it seems as though they should not release an update unless it is going to work like it is supposed to work.

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