I usually ignore information that comes from my sister. She will forward you every meme and gif -laden email she gets. If there is an email with a cat video and she has your email address, you can bet you will be getting it in your inbox. I rarely even open the ones I know are like that, then I have to look dumb when she asks me if I saw the parrot and the cat dancing. However, she did send me one that had a link to view source information about saving on my electric bill. It kind of hit home because my electric bill is too high.

If I could even save ten bucks, I was ready to switch. I did not even know how it all worked. My bill would go up and down and up and down even when I thought I used the same amount of electricity every month. When I got busy reading at the link that told me to click her to view source info on lower electricity, I finally figured out that it was my variable rate plan that was hitting me so hard with my electric bill. When it was high, I paid a fortune per kilowatt hour. When it was lower, I was happy with the bill. What I needed was a discounted fixed rate plan for my electricity.

I also was paying a surcharge for not using enough electricity in a month. I needed to sign up with a company that did not set a minimum on how much electricity I needed to use. I am learning about reading the fine print more carefully when it comes to getting a new home electricity provider. You need to know what you are getting into, but you really can save some money on your electric bill if you choose wisely.

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