I would like to hire someone to help with internet marketing for my company, because we do not have much of a web presence and that is something that really needs to change in the near future. I think that we will be able to get a lot of new customers if we do this right and I want to make sure it gets done right. So I have been thinking about hiring Alex Shelton for the job, or his company that is, because from what I can tell he is an expert when it comes to things like internet marketing and search engine optimization as well. The latter is something that we will probably also need to look into because there are a number of other companies in this area that have similar products, and some even have similar names to the name of my company.

I want to get started with this process right away, if that is feasible, because I would like to draw in more customers with our expanded Web presence at the first opportunity. We have had a terrible website for years. Well, it is mostly just terrible in that it is really out-dated and I don’t think it looks very professional. We should have just taken it down, as opposed to allowing such a poor excuse for a website to remain online for customers to see. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if some potential customers had saw the website in the past and decided to find another company to buy from. Anyway, the website redesign is another project and it is not directly tied to the internet marketing plans that we have in place. But in a sense, they both serve the same purpose and that is to help us to get more customers.

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