When I was a kid in the 70s, my mom tried to teach me some things outside of school because she did not like the public school system I was in. I enjoyed it and she did, too. I think it really helped me in life. When my daughter found herself to be the target of some bullies in school this last year, her grades began suffering. I took her out of school and quickly searched for a homeschool curriculum so that I can teach her at home. She was really relieved to not have to put up with the bullies that were giving her such a hard time. We got right to work with classes at home, and she really excelled. I saw quickly that having her at home in a one-on-one situation really made things better for her educatation-wise.

It was frustrating to see that the school my daughter previously attended was not very attentive when it came to stopping the troubles that were going on for my daughter. The parents of the other children seemed to throw up their hands and blame me and my little girl. They said that she was just weak, and that they needed to stop being so sensitive to the point that their children upset her so much. Well, two of the kids hit her, and hitting is never acceptable. That sort of thing will affect anyone. Unfortunately, that happened while my daughter was walking home one day, so the school could not help. It was up to me to be the best mom that I can and fix the problem myself.

Teaching at home is a lot of fun. I am really enjoying my time doing it. I also feel that I am bonding even more with my daughter. In the past, she was so secretive when she came home each day and I asked her how her classes went. Now, she talks about what I teach her with her father each night at dinner.

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