March 2017

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I knew that I was going to need to find a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY after a storm damaged the concrete sidewalks around my home. It damaged not only the one that is in front of the house but the two that I have going up to my house too. One goes from the main sidewalk up to the house, and the other is perpendicular and comes from the garage to the house. It might be hard to imagine how a storm could damage all three, but they are not that far apart, plus we have a lot of trees in the yard.

Three of those trees toppled over, causing a lot of damage to very old concrete sidewalks. I had been thinking of having them redone anyway, and this was the perfect reason to go ahead with it. I did not want anyone getting hurt on the main sidewalk, but I also did not want the inconvenience of having to sidestep broken chunks of sidewalk myself. I had no idea who to call because I had never been in this situation before. My neighbor’s brother is the one who told me about the company that did his own sidewalks and patios for a great price, and he gave me their contact information.

I contacted the company and explained my situation, and they gave me a quote after looking at the damage. Unfortunately, I had to cover the costs myself, but thankfully the quoted price I was given was very reasonable. Not only did they do the work quickly and professionally, but my sidewalks have never looked this good before. The two that are on my property have a really pretty design on them, and it just adds so much curb appeal to my house. I just hope no storms damage these ones!

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